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utorrent stalling while downloading. cache?


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while downloading, i have this issue where my speed will drop from about 2.2 mb to as low as 1 kb. the problem is intermittent, and seems to be worse when downloading multiple torrents. the speed drop is tapered off, it doesn't stop immediately. right now my temporary solution to the problem is increasing the cache size to maximum, but i have done this at the expense of the stability of Utorrent. from what it seems, larger files tend to aggravate the problem (10 gb and up). all data is stored in an external USB hard drive. i have no reason to believe this issue is affecting my upload. right now i have it in automatic cache with option increase automatic cache size while thrashing checked and is using around 16 mb. im no computer guru so instead of throwing up useless information ill stand by and post anything you guys need to troubleshoot this.thanks in advance.

- windows 7 x64, Sony Vaio laptop

- UT3.3.2

- WD 2 TB passport

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