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How to get maximum seeding speed


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Hi Guys,

I am a relative new member to the piratebay/uTorrent community and have downloaded quite a few torrents and am in the process of gathering lot of movies and other items to upload to give back to the community.

However I use utorrent for downloads but am asking how do i open up utorrent to allow maximum seeding for everyone on the torrents i have finished downloading.

Are there specific settings i need to use and where are they in utorrent, that will say allow me to seed or upload say at 500kb/sec or even 1.0Mb/sec for people to get a good speed from me??

Sorry if this is an elementary question but i am still getting to grips with the utorrent interface and want to give maximum speed back to everyone on torrents i've managed to successfully finished downloading.

thank you for all help offered. :)

thank you

CD :)

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