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RSS Feed issue


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Hi, i've been using uTorrent and torrent sites for a few years now and i've finally decided to use RSS Feeds with uTorrent which im aware is incorporated into their program as I have less free time to spend trawling for torrents.

Anyway I have what I believe is a custom torrent feed that allows me to actually see those torrents, and yes I could begin to download them manually if I wished however I would like it to be automated this is where the problem occurs.

I've noticed for one of the shows on my RSS Feed it works fine, downloads into my specified directory through its filter great, that one show is True Detective all the others I have however i'm having no luck at all.

Personally I thought it might be due to to the torrent on my feed is literally just named as "True Detective 1x2 720p" where as other shows such as say Arrow has its episode sub name involved being "Arrow 2.10 Blast Radius 720p"

Personally in the filter I took out the episode name as I imagined the filter wouldn't work as obviously the next episode wouldn't be titled Blast Radius, however True Detective didn't have a episode title and I named the filter simply True Detective, is that why it could be having issues?

Any help with this would be really appreciated because i'd like to have this all setup for tomorrow when I get back from work to actually watch some stuff :-)

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