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THe subject of this topic is an executable which I do not have I think in my PC.

If you know please, could you tell me if uTorrent has anything to do with this file?

What is the relation of uTorrent with ffmpeg.exe?

Please tell me for both Free and Plus editions.

I am using Free edition but I want to know about the interaction of uTorrent with ffmpeg.exe.

Thanks a lof uTorrent!

Best torrent client there is!

UPDATE: As I see that noone answers this, I thought to clarify why I ask this question above.

By using Process Monitor from Sysinternals, I captured the events of uTorrent.exe, which are perfect by the way! So grats for uTorrent, maybe one of the best software ever written. (Despite the amazing Overhead that I see and just testing now.) So I just wanted to ask, about the only thing, that seemed little "strange" to me on Process Monitor events. This event happens every now and then forever I suppose. It says that it tries to do a CreateFile operation, on the Path:


Of course I do not have such file there, not even the subfolder Transcode.

So, the result of this event is a: PATH NOT FOUND

Would you know anything about this?


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