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In orbit forever


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Pando was great for file sharing

( not sure if its around anymore )

the drawback was that the file was only up there for a

limited time.. 2 weeks or so.... (at least for the freeloaders )

File transfer sites are great... often free and your files can

be around for a long long time, esp if they are popular...

but then , they can be deleted at a whim.

Torrents.... something a bit revolutionary.... its like putting

your files in orbit and they keep circulating the planet forever

a wonderful system where there is seemingly no time limit.

the files can easily be searched for too.... a great , free , resource for everyone !

Maybe Im naive... maybe Im forgetting about those ... trackers... !

(mine always seem out of date ! )

Maybe the trackers eventually fade away or time out and your files will become lost in space ?

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