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uTorrent has crashed a crash dump has been saved


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Okay so i have been using uTorrent for years never had a problem but yesterday out of no where i got this error it is stopping me from downloading anything as i click to download a torrent i am greeted with this error message


I have not installed or changed anything on my PC i even checked the Incompatibilities list even though i know i haven't got anything on the list that can compromise the function of uTorrent i'm lost as to what is going on so here i am asking for some help :(

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I was using this torrent client for several years . day back when i start downloading a movie through torrent it wasnt responding properly . and after a few min. it shows that torrent client has crashed. Since then several times i have tried to launch the application but it wasnt starting and showing an error message that utorrent is already running or not responding . i have reinstalled it. but things gone worst , now neither its launching the apps. nor showing any error message . am totally confused what should i do now.   




 plz suggest me .

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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