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Utorrent download location and install problems


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Hi Guys,


I have two major issues with Utorrent lately I hope there is a solution to at least one of them.


First I can't install the stable version, no matter what I try the installer always quits spouting some overly informative "failed to install" message and that is about it. Only workaround I found was installing the beta client which led to my second predicament.


I can't specify my own download location when adding a torrent. To be sure I get the advanced download window I go into the folder list select where I want my torrents but when the download starts the client puts it into the "Downloads" folder no matter what path I gave it. Only way to move them then is by clicking the torrent advanced, set download location and move them which is about as far from optimal and fun as you can get.


Related to this issue is that the client no longer remembers previously used download paths which is a complete bummer, it only offers me the default download folder which is no help at all.


I've checked all the settings but nothing is checked in that should warrant these problems pls. help and make a sad user a very happy camper :)


P.s.: I'm using the latest iMac with Mavericks 



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