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uTorrent hogging all harddrive IOs?


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I am running the version of utorrent downloaded yesterday. My computer is core i7 (Jan 2013) with 8gb of ram. It has a 256Gb SSD drive that runs Windows 8.1 (fully updated) and two SATA drive. One of the SATA drive is where all the torrent data is.


It ran fine for about two days (downloaded about 8 torrents total). I am now downloading two large and one medium torrent (50-60Gb large 7-8gb medium) and after it run for a about 3m uTorrent crashes. When I look at resource monitor utorrent is taking up 60Mb/s disk IO and pull everything to a halt. I thought that since my OS files are on the SSD it should be fine but opening Chrome takes 30s to load... Force shutting down utorrent takes a few minutes, and once it's closed it takes 2-3 minutes before things go back to normal (I could see this in resource monitor, utorrent still taking 60Mb/s disk IOs after it's shut down and no longer in the Task Manager)


Putting torrent file and in-progress data on the SDD and move completed torrent off a good idea? Will that reduce my SSD life cycle?


Any advice is welcome...


Best regards,


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