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Highlighted torrent's position deselected and lost after Delete


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All versions of µtorrent older than 3.4 did the following: When removing a torrent from the main list, the next torrent on the list will get selected (highlighted). This was good for deleting a file after another without losing track of your progress. Having to check 100 downloaded files and removing unwanted ones was easy. 
Deleting a torrent from the main list in µtorrent 3.4 will reset the torrent selection (highlight). Which means hitting the up or down arrows on the keyboard will select the top torrent on the list and not the torrent next to the deleted one. This will make you forget where you left of, which file to check next, which to delete next, etc. .. 
I have 100 torrents downloaded and seeded, and I have over 1000 older torrents already completed on the list. I choose the 423th torrent on the list and deleted it. The next selected torrent is now the 1st on the list not the 422nd or 424th. Now I lost my track, I can't remember which file to check next. I have to check multiple torrents to remember where I was on the list. 
Additional info: I use the keyboard only to check my torrents. And delete by: Menu Key > N > E > Enter.

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