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utorrent setup keeps opening when running utorrent


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hey guys


i have a problem


a few days ago i noticed that when i run utorrent it first opens the setup to install thinking utorrent had an update i went though the setup but when i restarted my computer and ran utorrent it gave me the setup once again. so far everytime i open the program it keeps asking me to install it, despite the program already been installed.


this is a problem i have had before with older versions and only seem to happen on windows 7.


im currently running windows 7 ultimate 64bit with utorrent version 3.3.2 build 30446


i can get rid of this issue by telling it to run at startup and not closing the program, but i DON'T want it starting at boot because it slows my boot time


any help would be nice because this is annoying







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I had the same problem and I found a solution for now.
my utorrent started acting weird one day, adding torrent from url dialog disappeared and the new torrents were hidden.

also, utorrent wanted to install again each time when started up, but not the latest version, an older one.
I found some instructions to delete the settings.dat and reinstall, so going to the appdata-roaming folder to do that and comparing the program exe file there to the one in c-program files folder, I concluded that my utorrent shortcut was connected to the older version exe in program files folder and the version mashup caused the problems.
I directed my shortcut to open the exe in appdata folder and it seems to be all fine now.

hopefully there was some useful info for you here.

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