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renaming files in active torrents


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I have multi completed files i would like to rename, but any change to the files name or location stops the torrent from seeding in utorrent.


Anyone know how i can alter folder names on my end and keep torrents active in utorrent?



For the record lifehacker steps didnt work for me.



"3. Right-click a file and choose ''Relocate...'' from the menu."

That step didnt work, kept getting "read-only" error.


option 5's 'Force re-check'' actually removed the torrent completely.


I would just like to keep completed torrents seeding and atleast change the folder's name on my end. 


NIGHT.COURT changed into Night Court for example.  But keeping torrent active and seeding




If its relavent i run Win 7 with utorrent 3.3.2



Thanks for any help offered and my apologies if this has already been answered.

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