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Install folder 3.3.x


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I recently updated to 3.3.2 (30570) and it apparently installed in my %user%/Application Data folder instead of Program Files (XP SP3).  Why? 

I now have 2 desktop shortcuts, the old one to ProgramFiles, the new one to Application Data.

What's the rationale here?

I realize this is a somewhat complex issue, but I expect any well-behaved Windows program to install in Program Files - in fact there is a new .exe in program Files>uTorrent.

I have multiple users, and for me the ideal situation is:

- uTorrent is available to any user

- the actual downloading/seeding list should be by user, and Xxx user's torrent list should be invisible to Yyy user

- if uTorrent is loaded by any user, all downloads/uploads should be active, regardless of user, subject to the above visibility criterion


Is this update  intended to address these issues? 


I'm just a little confused at this point.

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