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Torrents slowing down after a while?


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Whenever I try to download something, my download speed is normally fine, on a good torrent, I can normally get 1.5-2.b mb/s. However, after about 30 seconds, my download speed drops quite fast to under 50kb/s. I've found that the only way to rectify this is to stop and start the torrent, where the speed will go back up, but then drop again in another 30 seconds. This is fine for induvidual songs, as they download in that time, and for albums, I maybe only have to stop and start it once. However, it makes downloading movies and games impossible. Does anyone have a fix for this?


I forgot to mention, It will drop fast to under 50kb/s, but then after another few mins, will stop completely, and the estimated remaining time will go to infinity.

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