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I've recently come back to utorrent after switching to qbittorrent for a while, and I'm having some difficulty with a few things and was hoping you could help me.


Firstly, I've noticed the checkbox for "append label to directory" is gone, and has been replaced by a pretty fancy new interface that I can only think to call "Label and Directory Rules" or "Auto Label". I'm excited to implement this in my workflow, so that's what the focus of this post will be. I'm sure this is my fault, since as my fiance would wholeheartedly attest to I'm not particularly good at looking for things, but I can't seem to find the documentation for this complex feature anywhere. I'm assuming you would never implement a counter-intuitive feature involving a box as ambiguous as the "Contains:" box, which defaults to some non-standard [default] syntax and offers no indication of what kind of text belongs in the box without documenting it somewhere, so if you could point me to that documentation that would be great.


With that out of the way I'd like to walk you through my user experience story and see if you can help me.



1. Set up the directories tab as follows:

[x] Put New Downloads In:

f:\Incoming Downloads


[x] Move Completed Downloads To:


[ ] Only move from the default download directory


Location of .torrents

[x} Store .torrents in:

F:\Incoming Downloads\Torrents


[x]Move .torrents for finished jobs to:



[ ] Automatically load .torrents from


I've made a point of not making my incoming downloads folder a subfolder of my downloads folder to ensure The Renamer and Musicbee don't run across any unfinished downloads and move them erroneously.


Then, I've gone to the Label section, and configured it as such:


[x] Use label and directory rules


Auto Label:

Label: Movies Definition:

Label: TV Shows Definition:


Label-Directory Mapping

Label: Movies Directory: f:\Downloads\Movies

Label: TV Shows Directory: F\Downloads\TV Shows

Label: audio Directory: F:\Music

Label: documents Directory: F:\Documents

Label: video Directory: F:\Videos


It seems I'm unable to delete the last three directory maps, with no explanation at all as to why. Also, the definitions for Movies and TV Shows in the top section are blank because I can't think of a way to determine (assuming this is what the contains box is meant to do) based on filename the distinction between movies and television shows.


Then, I've gone to the Advanced>UI Extras section, and verified its configuration:

Persistent Labels:

Movies|TV Shows|


These were in there automatically, which is great except the default labels that can't be deleted don't appear in here which strikes me as inconsistent


Given this configuration, when I download a TV Show this is



I go to the tracker, find the file I want and click the magnet link.

uTorrent pops up the new download interface

In this interface I expect:

A) The Save In: box to reflect my default download destination, f:\Downloads

B) No label to be applied by default


I then expect to be able to choose the TV Shows label, and have the Save In box updated to reflect the ultimate destination of the file I'm downloading given the label rules. f:\Downloads\TV Shows\


Then, I hit okay, and I expect the file to be in Incoming Downloads until it completes. I expect the info panel to reflect this, and when I right click on the file and go to open containing folder, I expect to be taken to F:\Incoming Downloads\. I also expect the Label column in the downloads list to reflect the TV Shows label as being applied to that file.


After the download completes, I expect it to move into f:\Downloads\TV Shows. I expect the info panel to reflect this change, and for open containing folder to take me to F:\Downloads\TV Shows


Instead, here is



I go to the tracker, find the file I want, and click the magnet link

uTorrent pops up the new download interface

In this interface:

A) The Save in: box is displaying f:\Downloads\Movies

B) The Movies label is selected by default


I change the label to TV Shows, and the Save In: directory does not update to reflect this change.


I hit okay, and the info panel of the file tells me its save as location is F:\Downloads\Movies\TV SHOW NAME.mp4

I right click on the file and go to Open Containing Folder and it opens f:\downloads\movies, in which I can see the incomplete file.


the Label column in the downloads list shows TV Shows as the label applied to that file


After the download completes and begins seeding, the info panel is updated and shows the Save As location of the file as f:\Downloads\TV SHOW NAME.mp4

Open containing folder opens F:\Downloads\ with that file highlighted.


Stopping the download results in the file remaining in F:\Downloads\


I must be doing something fundamentally wrong for such a huge deviation from expected behaviour to occur in a piece of software that when I last used it worked flawlessly. Please help me understand what I am doing wrong. If you need screen shots or anything to further diagnose this behaviour I'd be happy to provide them.


Thank you very much for your time.

- Scott Tromley

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Hello, I have been having the same problem, I have set up sickbeard and couchpotato to give each of their  respective downloads labels, and it does so well. The torrents are added by these programs, with the proper lables, but then when they are done downloading they do not move to where ithey are supposed to 

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