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Cannot Associate With Torrent Files


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I could open .torrent files and magnet links using uTorrent before with no problem. Now, however, I have to manually add the .torrent file through uTorrent or use the "Add torrent from URL" when using magnet links. Though it doesn't seem to be a problem with the download itself, it's really frustrating that I have to manually add torrent files instead of just opening a .torrent file or clicking on a magnet link.


I've already tried going to Preferences and clicking on "Associate with torrent files", but after clicking the button it only goes gray and becomes unclickable. After clicking OK and reentering Preferences, I could click the button again, so I don't think it has been successfully associated with torrent files. 


I have also tried right clicking on a .torrent file and selecting "Open with". However, every time I select uTorrent as the default program, nothing happens and I still can't open the file directly.
I'm using 3.4 and reinstalling doesn't make any difference. I could really use some help. Thanks!

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I'm a layman by the way...


- close utorrent all the way

- Just do a search for utorrent.exe

- right click on the file and open the file location

- move back a folder, CUT the 'utorrent' folder

- and PASTE the folder in your C:\Program Files... NOT C:\Program Files (x86)

- open utorrent and minimize

- go to a torrent file, right click, 'open with' etc, the bloody program is right there staring at me mwwahahahaaaaaaaaa  :D  :D

- now every torrent file now has the utorrent green logo

- Now when I go to ANY torrent site, the link for the torrent file just works from there straight into utorrent. EVERYTHING is back to normal.

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