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Problem with size of download window


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I use utorrent very long time. And about year or half, starting to have problem with size of download window. When start utorrent always, Always starting with biggest  size. But it's not biggest problem. 

Now i use notebook. Witn recommended propertys. And medium size of letters. And when i choose torrent file, programm great window of propertys (destiny e.t.c.). And problems ii with changing size of this window!

First: Bottom of this window below windows panel "start". I don't see buttons ok or cancel. 

Second: I can't change size of window from upper angle! I can't move him down.(it's my second biggest problrm) And cant make window thinner becouse of lines, addres of download and name, don't changes.


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You said, Now i use notebook. Witn recommended propertys, Always starting with biggest size.

I try to share something, other than utorrent your windows size is normal?

sometime this issue arises if you run utorrent on laptop/notebook (if i not mistake the resolution is 1366x768).

check now what your current display resolution notebook 1024x768 pixel or as i mentioned above)

my suggest clean uninstall utorrent and run CCleaner restart Notebook, then reinstall final stable build

check and try readjust your display resolution if the problem still arises.

ps: the problem is not match enough resolution utorrent >< notebook. 

     my µTorrent 3.4.0.Build 30660 on Laptop Acer V5-471G series (4GB Ram i5) Windows 7 Ultimate x64 OEM activated but Not Paid.

Good Luck!

Uninstaller/CCleaner i oftenly use:



My Screensot (Live):

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I was downloading large files which were going fine until I installed  windows updates (windows 7) which auto restart.After restart I noticed the files stopped downloading as the drive was automatically changed to other letter name with the message "file can not be found......)and now I have tried re-changing the drive letter to what is shown in the utorrent but still it does not resume download and continue to show the same message.I tried force re-check,start and force restart but it does not re-start.While all the previous downloaded files are intact in the old folder because of changed drive letter(name) it does not get connected.Obviously I do not want to waste already downloaded files as it has almost downloaded 70%.Any one who can suggest solution to resume download.


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