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sync 2 µtorrent clients on the same network


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Here is the situation


I have 2 computers on the same network, one is my main pc (Main) and the other is my media pc (HTPC). I have all my storage on my Main, and my HTPC is basically used to stream the content via the network cable.


the directory on both PCs is set to E:\ and the E:\ drive is the same for both PCs since i have it set to E:\ network drive on my HTPC.


the torrent files are loaded from the same folder (E:\Torrents) and put in the same destination. the client settings are the same across both computers.


now this setup has worked fine up to a point. A lot of my torrents have now changed the file name to ".2 .3 .4 .5..." in the end for many of my loaded torrents. This is a problem since the clients between the computers do not communicate and so i get a lot of "Error: Can't open .torrent file: E:\Torrents\..." errors because one client changes the name while the other tries to stay connected to the old name which does not work.


what i thought of doing was sharing the µtorrent install folder and appdata folder and use those on both computers. The problem is i have no idea how to do that and even if i did im not sure it would work as planned.

a bonus from that would be that if i add a torrent from my HTPC it will also get added on my Main which would be really nice to do so i dont have to add the same torrent twice on 2 different computers.


any help in appreciated and if this is in the wrong forum please move.

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