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Utorrent d/l speed on Macbook pro running slow.


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Hi there firstly, hope everyones ok.


So what it is is that I have 2 laptops, an older Dell xperion M1730 and recent Macbook Pro. When I use Utorrent on the Dell running Vista I can get speeds of up to 25MB/s but then it does crash so unfortunately at the moment I cannot get it to remain stable and increase the speed whether thats Utorrent or windows I have no idea. I have tweaked some setting in Utorrent from info I found online but it still crashes when d/l at 25MB/s. 


My main issue though is when I download the same file on my Macbook Pro, I can only get a d/l speed of no faster than 12MB, I was expecting the speed to surpass that of my Dell as it has a SSD and obviously is a new laptop. Would this issue be to do with changing some configurations in Utorrent on the Mac ? I found info online about speeding up the d/l with Utorrent for Macs but nothing really worked.


What is the maximum d/l speed for the macbook pro and windows using Utorrent ?




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