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New "focus" in the list of torrents when launching uTorrent


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I'm running latest stable v3.4 uTorrent and have noticed new and pretty annoying "feature", that was not here before.

When I launch uTorrent, it immediately starts populating its main window (torrent list). Now (in new v3.4) it's putting some "focus" (highlighting) on the very first item (alphabetically) in the list. After loading long list of torrents is finally done, the main window settles down and shows that "focused" item first. I always sort list by "Added" column to see the latest torrents on the top. Now, in v3.4 the first item on main window is that "focused" one, which happens to be somewhere in the middle of whole list... and it's not what I need. Then I have to manually page up window until I see the latest torrents at the top... :(

Why do you put that unnecessary "focus" (highlighting) in that item now? It doesn't make any sense and, as a result, every time I start uTorrent, I have to page manually up through the long list (currently I have about 500 torrents there) to see the latest torrents at the top. I have not see that "focus" in earlier versions of uTorrent and, therefore, never experienced such inconvenience.

Could you please remove the new "focus" form the main window (list of torrents) until it will be loaded into program and settled?


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