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Problems after upgrading to v3.4


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I have been facing the following frustrating issues since the automatic upgrade to v3.4;

  1. Stopping a torrent doesn't work. Some do stop after 10-15 minutes. Restarting uTorrent makes them all stop so it seems it changes their state on the backend.
  2. The order of items in the list is not maintained after a crash, the ones added in the previous session get randomly placed in the list. I live in a electricity deficient country where blackouts are a part of everyday life, in turn making organization of torrents a headache. It seems you have made the view settings to not be written to disk on change, can you please make it optional.
  3. The option 'Apply rate limit to transaction overhead' has its functionality strangely wrong. The check to true makes the transaction overhead really high like on my 1.5Mbps upload link speed, it hovers around 95Kbps. Unchecking it, drops the data+overhead rate to less than 2Kbps! Please fix this, its happening without any limit set even!

Update 1


The sceduler when it goes from unlimited to limited mode, makes both download and upload speeds to go to zero and stick there for 3-4 minutes. But when disabled, both suddenly spike to the levels similar to the ones before in unlimited mode.

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