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uTorrent crash after SAMSUNG Galaxy IIIs connected


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Hello uTorrent friends,


My name is George and I have a big problem with a recent uTorrent crash (i am not sure if it is the right name for it at least that's what i am feeling).

I connected SAMSUNG Galaxy IIIs  (under Android) to my Pc (Windows 7, 64 bits) and tried to print some pictures.For some reasons, uTorrent pick-up the signal from the phone and the screen on my monitor changed from regular uTorrent (where one can see all files downloading) to  Android section of uTorrent where one can download portable version of this program.From there, I did try several times to switch to regular screen - no way. I did restore points, now I have only Bittorrent page with information: Bittorrent page can't be displayed.So i did re-install uTorrent. Still, I am not able to open the newly installed program.what i am worrying the most is all my files that are downloading and also some of the ones that were waiting to be downloaded are GONE! I wonder what I did wrong and how I can restore my files.Please help.In advance, thank you so much for your advice.





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