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Now that Autoload has been dumbed down, can the faq be updated so it doesnt tease us by describing a nice feature that has been removed from the product?


from http://www.utorrent.com/help/faq/misc

How can I make µTorrent auto-load torrents from a specified folder?

Simply turn on "Automatically load torrents in directory:" in Other, specify the folder, and hit OK. µTorrent will load the torrents soon after they're added to that folder, though it will ask you where to save them. If you want it to automatically save to a folder, turn on "Put new downloads in" in Downloads and specify your download folder. However, turning on "Put new downloads in" will prevent the BitComet-style add torrent dialog from showing up, unless you use File -> Add Torrent (no default save) or turn on "Always show dialog on manual add." You can turn on "Delete torrent instead of renaming, when loading" so it deletes the torrent after loading, instead of renaming it to .torrent.loaded.


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