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3.4.1: torrent name appended to custom download dir


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Dear all,


the private tracker community I'm a member recently allowed utorrent 3.4.1

Before only 2.0.4 and 2.2.1 were allowed.

Anyhow, 3.4.1 works great, and most of the members would like to stick with it.


There is one slight drawback.   We collect files in collections. And if a collection gets new files, a new torrent is created. The initial download goes to utorrent/downloads.

When finished, the files get moved to a different folder. Lets say "s:\vids\".

The collection is named "coll1".


So, later a new torrent with new files is available, we start utorrent.exe  /noinstall -directory s:\vids\coll1  coll1.torrent.   This worked great in 2.2.1

3.4.1 adds the torrent name again, so the files go to s:\vids\coll1\coll1    and the complete torrent gets downloaded one more time.


My question, is there a switch to disable this behavior, so the torrent title gets only appended when downloading to the default directory, and not to a custom directory?



Thanks for any pointers.


Best Regards,



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