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uTorrent not downloading when computer wakes


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I have set up some filters for autodownloading via RSS, the downloading machine will be asleep during the day and i wake it from sleep when i get home.

Immediately when it updates the rss feeds it will add some torrents and start them (status: downloading) however the torrent won't actually download.

After 8-10 minutes of doing nothing they will suddenly 'really' start downloading.


I've been able to reproduce this every single time when my computer wakes from sleep and adds a torrent.

Also manually adding a torrent within the above timeframe will trigger the same issue.


This computer is connected via ethernet, has a fixed IP and has internet instantly when waking from sleep (i can ping everything with a response)

This is not just 1 tracker, i have tried multiple with the same issue.


this is with the latest uTorrent on Win8.1, my settings are mostly default, the things that are set cant have anything to do with this, defaulting the entire thing does not help either.


Hopefully this is enough information



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