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an amber light, sorry guys...


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I recently upgraded to ADLS2+ in Australia...

I've got a zyxel 660HW61 router which i've previously had working with UTorrent. I can look at webpages, etc, but the router still fails this test:


any idea what this does??

I'm getting an amber light on UTorrent and i'm thinking it's got something to do with this test...

I've already port forwarded and setup a static i.p using the port forward help topics for my router and when i sue the speed test and check if my port is forwarded button it says:

Warning! Port ***** can not be checked. Your browser is setup to connect through a proxy. This script will not work through proxied connections.

any help would be appreciiated, great software by the way never had any issues i couldn't fix (xcept this of course)

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Looks like your ISP places you behind a proxy then. You can't use the port checker with a proxy. Anyway, put your WAN IP address (your public IP address, the one you can find here) in Preferences > Other > Report Options > IP/Hostname to report to tracker.

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