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(SUCCESS) Getting linux server and BTGuard working without fuss


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Thought Ill post here for others like myself who struggle(d) to get utserver for linux up and running with BTGuard.

I havn't tried to take certain steps out as I am so happy it worked and is runing stable, so please feel free to adjust the following if it works for you.


Broadly, I downloaded

Debian “wheezy” (7.4) Official netinst images from here http://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/#netinst-stable 

and µTorrent Server 32-bit for Debian 7.0 (3.3 build 30470) from here http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/linux


I then installed Debian on my virtualbox server https://www.virtualbox.org/  and installed the µTorrent Server there and got it all up and running without BTGuard.

I then installed dante-client (apt-get install dante-client) and changed the config file at /etc/dante.conf to



route {

        from: to: via: proxy.btguard.com port = 1025

        command: bind



route {

        from: to: via: proxy.btguard.com port = 1025

        protocol: tcp udp

        proxyprotocol: socks_v5




yes only that is needed. :)


I then logged into my µTorrent Server's gui and changed the settings to accommodate btguard (you have to have an account there).

I then stopped the utserver and rebooted the machine, and whallaaa...

BTW all of this took me a whole day to figure out :huh:


I hope it can help someone.

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