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Migrated to new computer and stuck on queued seed

Mr. Mayhem

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Hello all,


EDIT:  I think my problem is resolved.  I am seeding regularly now and will report back if I have more problems.  Thanks


I have migrated from uTorrent on Mac to another Mac.  Initially, I didn't find the migration guide.  I just put all my .torrents into the client and pointed to the download location.  It checked all the files and got stuck on queued seed. Digging into the forum, I found the migration guide and followed it exactly.  I used the autoload feature and it immediately checked my files.  I have a lot of torrents, so it is actually still checking right now.  However, the ones that are checked are still stuck on queued seed.  I was able to force start them to seed, but then I had to force start seeding every time uTorrent was started.  Is there something more that I must do for Mac which is not explained in the migration guide?  I would really appreciate any help, thanks.

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