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uTorrent - Detected as Spyware or Virus


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I downloaded the latest version of uTorrent 3.4.1 (Build 30888) and my Antivirus detects it as a Virus or Spyware, the only way I can use uTorrent is to Disable my Sophos Antivirus.


Here's a link to the Virus's name and Description:




Thank you for your help.




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Hello ,

Thank you for your sample submission to Sophos Labs. Sophos Labs is finished analyzing your submission. Here are their notes below:

“ 2014-04-28 17:30:06

Added support comment:

fp_fix “.

False positive fix: GFP/uTorrent-A [Published in age-agxd.ide 2014-04-28 19:56 BST]

The detection was modified from the samples you submitted. Please allow time for the new definition to propagate through the system.

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