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uTorrent not syncing like it used to?


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I have tired previously to get an answer for this but have yet to get a responce or someone who knows how to fix this years ago when i would want to download a torrent i could just doubleclick it like on the pirate bay for example and it would start to download on my uTorrent for the last 2 years or so it has not worked if i want to download a torrent i have to copy the file and paste it under "add torrent from URL" it may seem like a small thing but it can be annoying especially if you download in bulk and want to download many items i miss how it used to be and feel like it's something in my settings, from what i hear my friends can still double click to download torrents onto uTorrent, if anyone has any ideas/solutions or can guide me to someone/somewhere that does i'd really appreciate it


Thanks  :)

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