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Selecting files when adding torrents manually


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Would it be possible to add an option that allows to select files/directories for torent that are being added from the GUI?

I see that there is no selection GUI (I mean something like what there is in the Windows version when a torrent is being added).


If this is not possible, could it be possible perhaps to add a flag that allows not to start torrents automatically for torrents that are being added from the GUI only (what I mean for this option - is that torrents that are loaded from the predefined directory should be started automatically, but not these added from the GUI).

This could allow the selection from the Files tab after the torrent has been added (which kinda makes sense only with the "Don't start torrent automatically" flag), and only then starting it.


The current "Don't start torrent automatically" flag is problematic for me as it also prevents the files from the predefined directory to be started.



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