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Problem with overloading cache


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Hi guys, been a utorrent user for many years and never had a problem until the last few days, here is my predicament...

I have a 120mb line in so get  download speeds of up to 15mbs which is awesome, ive been getting that for the last 5 months now and all has been well, i have 4 Harddrives, two internal and two external (Usb 3.0)


All hardrives have been working fine and downloading at full download speed until recently when every one of my hard drives is getting disc overloaded apart from my main C drive which is the SSD that sits at about 50 - 80 MB of cache.

Could anyone give me some ideas as to why this has started happening i did install the lastest version out right now, i tried the beta i tried versions 2.X and even some 1.X but they all get disc overloaded apart from the SSD... Why all of a sudden now?


Ask for any info if you need it and i shall give.

Thanks alot



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