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completed file extensions renamed with .ut


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Hi, im using v3.4.1 and a think the problem started a few weeks ago, mistakenly downloaded a torrent with the same folder name as one id already got, after that all completed file extensions got renamed with .ut, and even if i manually delete that extension, stripping it back to the actual file extension (providing im renaming a completed file), next time i look or restart utorrent, the suffix is there again


any ideas how to stop this happening


Edit, damn thought i had a fix by toggling "append .ut to incomplete files" on and off, but mustve been spaced, it doesnt work, just lets me have all files with their real extension, guess i need to work out how to properly set up the save locations, atm just have all directories point to the same location. Is that not what you should do?


Edit2, ok toggling that setting only works for some completed files, others go back to having the ut suffx

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