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NAS drive keeps disconnecting


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Hi, I have just shifted one of my external hard drives to the USB slot on my modem/router. Everything appears to be fine when browsing the drive using explorer except now when I choose this drive as my download location in utorrent it will only remain connected for a very short period. 

What happens exactly in utorrent is this; 

I choose my NAS drive as the download location 

Download begins 

After a couple of minutes the torrent will stop with an error message say connection to the drive has been lost (or something similar).


So I check the drive...the drive is still fully accessible when browsing round with Win. Explorer and I can open/close files etc no prob,.



So I go back into utorrent, select the torrent and hit start. It begins doing a recheck and more often than not will lose connection with the drive before it even gets to the end of its recheck.


Again I state the NAS drive appears to be connected and working fine the only prob I am  having is downloading torrents to it. 


Anyone have any idea why utorrent seems to keep disconnecting the drive.


(Having read some other forums I thought it might be something to do with the power scheme. So dragged and dropped a large (8GB) file into this drive and let it start copying. Then I started utorrent and the same thing happens, ie it starts then loses connection to the drive even though there is NO interruption to the file I am moving to the same drive thus confirming to me that the drive has remained connected to laptop the whole time and it is only utorrent that appears to be having trouble with the NAS storage)


Cheers to anyone that can help


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