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Downloads not initiating - shows 0 peers 0 seeds - "login controller does not exist"

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Hello Community,


When I download a torrent file, I have preferences set to allow the file to automatically begin downloading. However, starting a few weeks ago, when the torrent loads into the uTorrent window, it does not download. Even when the torrent sites show that there are several peers and seeds active, the uTorrent window shows 0 seeds and 0 peers and does not begin downloading the files. After a few seconds the download arrow (in the far right column) turns from blue to red. On some sites, an error code is generated in a new browser tab: "the controller Attachment/torrent/201401/04/0850165kqw2zuddz5uewv7.torrent_LoginController not exist!" I have a feeling this might have something to do with a new modem/router unit I installed recently, but I can't be certain.


I'm sorry if this isn't very clear or if there's not enough information. However, I would appreciate any help the community might be able to provide.




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Hi Jameson,


I had the same problem as a new user on Mac. 


I found out that it was the router and I had to change the firewall settings on the router to get it to work. 


I think that if you plug into your browser it'll bring up your router dashboard. You may have to look at the back the router for the default login details. If it's no on there you should do to the manual or look it up on the web.


I found the firewall setting in the advanced settings was set to High. I moved it to low and restarted the programme and now it works fine.


Hope that helps.





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