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I am all for seeding but for the last few weeks since I updated to version 3.4.2, I have been trolled by my upload speed.


Although I have set the upload limit of bandwidth Allocation to 50 kB/s, the Global Upload rate is also set to 50 kB/s and alternative upload rate to unlimited once downloading has finished, for some reason my upload speed easily exceeds four or five times that while I am still downloading.


I dont know if its just chosing to use Alternative rate instead of the set limit but its starting to get annoying as it impacts downloading speed.


I've tried reinstalling and upgrading to the latest build but the problem still persists, any help would be appreaciated.


Thanks in advance.

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This is happening to me as well and I can't find a way to lower the speed, at the moment I am averaging 80 kB/s.


I have been banned by my favourite tracker because of crazy upload speeds. :angry:


I really need help to get this to 50 kB/s or lower

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