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Speed drops once again


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So once again this problem has come to me.


When i start the download it goes well, reaches peak speeds and then falls to 0.1 - 1.1 kb/s And then again it goes to peak speeds, and starts to descend into 0.1-1.1kb/s zone.


I've found a few similair treads to theese but no one has been answered.




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I had the same issue for years, but I seem to have found a solution.


Short answer: Change the disk cache settings.


I noticed that I inconsistently got the disk overloaded message in the status bar. The message would say 100% when the speed got to the max point, then the speed would drop and the percentage would go down. Upon reaching zero, the speed would go back up, and this would repeat forever. These settings seem to work for me, but I'm really not sure what I'm doing. I kinda followed this guide:


Basic Cache Settings

[X] Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually (MB): 256

[_] Reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed


Advanced Cache Settings

[X] Enable caching of disk writes

 [_] Write out untouched blocks every 2 minutes

 [X] Write out finished pieces immediately


[X] Enable caching of disk writes

 [_] Turn off read caching if the upload speed is slow

 [_] Remove old blocks from cache

 [_] Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing

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