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3G Handset Torrents - Starting, then 0Kbs?

Salty Dog

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Have used uTorrent since it began.

All my internet use is 3G, all tethered from my Samsung 3G handset.

Speeds are 13Mb down, 3.4Mb up.


I have used the uTorrent Android App with great success on my S3 phone.

The last 2 days, torrents will start, get to a reasonable speed, then just wind down to 0kb/s.

I have tried many different torrents, same results.

Phone is achieving 13Mb download using Speedtest.


If i use uTorrent on my laptop (tethered to the same handset) it works perfectly! 1-1.5Mb/s download speeds.


Ant ideas?

Could it be the provider getting sneaky?


Thank You :)

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