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"Connection timed out"


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Good day,


I noticed a couple of posts handling the topic: "connection timed out". 


Since those topics covered different kinds of situations which I didn't seem to relate to, I made a new topic and I was hoping for an answer. I will provide all the information I guess is useful and more information can be requested to help deal with the problem.


My problem is as follow:


  • DHT not working (same as most situations)
  • Trackers are all showing: connection timed out

There is one but, one tracker does not. It's a http:// tracker instead of an udp:// tracker. This is the only download that currently works. Some udp trackers, often used, like publichd, are even showing: no such host is known.


This caused the problem: searching for peers at all but one torrent.


I only have downloads in my list that are released by well-known and respected RGs, never having any problems with them. They even host their own tracker. Not once have I had a problem, but after the update of 3.4.2 I do seem to get this problem.


Now, I tried to downgrade utorrent, but this didn't help, so I need a solution that doesn't involve updates.


Additional information:


Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Running Malwarebytes and Security Essentials but eventually dropping guard on utorrent, so utorrent has a free go (I only download what I know will not be tempered with)

Running uTorrent 2.2.1 and 3.4.2 (Latest)




  • Port forwarded: UPnP, NAT-PMP enabled
  • Enabled DHT
  • Enabled Local Peer (working)
  • Enabled uTP (working)
  • Enabled UDP support
  • Enabled Peer Exchange (working)
  • Protocol Encryption Enabled (was disabled but changing to enabled didn't do anything)
  • No additional changes to settings

More required information can be gathered.



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Solutions I do not have for those that encounter this problem. I solved it by completely removing utorrent, redownloading everything in the list and removing essentials. Don't know what did the trick but something did 

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