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There seems to be a bug with the Relevance column on the Peers tab.


I had downloaded 83.7% of a torrent. I was connected to a seed who had 100% (of course) and their relevance showed 0%. I was connected to a peer who had 83.1% and their relevance showed 80.2%.


I've noticed this on several torrents (it may well be all of them). For example, my current torrent I'm on 98.1%. Seeds at 100% are showing relevances of 17.7%, 16.9%, 0%, 18.2%, 16.6%, 3%, etc. A peer with 20.2% is showing a relevance of 4.0%, a peer with 45.1% is showing 10.7%.


And so on.


Either the meaning of the column has been changed or there is something very wrong with it.



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