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Hello All;


I've had an issue with my uT for the past couple of years (!) that I finally need to sort out as it's severely impacting my ratio on private trackers. Being in France (where the goons have gone so far as to legislate against p2p), I use the i2p (Invisible Internet Project) proxy in uT to conceal my activities from my packet-sniffing ISP. This is not just cautious but a necessity -- on those occasions when I forget to switch the proxy back on after a manual tracker update (more anon), my connections all stop and my access to the tracker site (e.g., BitHQ) is blocked for several days.


Here's my problem: I set up uT to use the proxy in the Connections tab (localhost, port 4444, check all of use proxy for hostname lookups, use proxy for peer-to-peer connections, disable all local DNS lookups, disable features that leak etc.), and everything is hunky-dory. Everything, that is, except the tracker updates. When the update interval comes around, all my ratio'd trackers fail to update when uT is set to proxy, whereupon I have to manually update the tracker (by switching the proxy off in Connections), updating, and then then switching it back on. This is fine for those times when I'm in front of the PC, but I obviously miss lots of updates and miss all of them at night. Consequentially, my ratio is poor on all my private tracker sites, as the uploaded data stats seem to be lost by the next day (and this issue also affects UL/DL rate as I am rarely up to date with the number of seeds and peers). Given that uT is designed to work with a proxy, I assume that I don't have it  properly configured and that a facility exists for allowing tracker updates to go through a proxied connection.


Further info: I have a static IP and am port-forwarded (the update behavior is identical on a dynamic IP, fwiw), and I tried to search for i2p related discussions in the forums here but the 3-character search string is too short.


I hope someone can tell me there's a way around this!

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