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restoring removed torrents


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Hello .... I was trying to just remove about 1/2th of the torrents that i had running that had been going for a year or better and had not uploaded even 100MB ...... and when i clicked on remove it ended up removing all but 12 of the torrents ....(i had 120 going) some of which had been seeding for 3 plus years with 300 - 400 plus GB uploaded on them and 10 - 20 plus ratios .... i keep tract of what i have and whats still moving and how much i have done with the info from leaving them running in the prog like that so it shows my over all long term on them ...... is there any way to restore the ones that were removed to still show the data that was with them like the upload, added time, ratio ect ect so i can get them back like they were (i have had to use screen shots o these in the past to fix discrepancies so i really want to get it all back showing what it was .......  hoping some one here has a solution that will work 



Thanks in advance 



windows 7

utorrent version 3.2.2

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