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I first started using uTorrent from v 1.1.4 and this problem has persisted with every update since then (1.1.4, 1.1.5, 1.1.6, and

Basically, as soon as I modify any settings, the next time I run uTorrent all the labels from the dialog boxes disappear. If I delete %APPDATA%/uTorrent/settings.dat the dialogs behave normally again, but as soon as I change the settings from default and restart, the fault reappears. Also, when this fault occurs, the mouse cursor changes to a black square when I hover over a column resize widget (eg, if I want to make the name column bigger in the torrent list view).


If any further info is needed, please just let me know. I'd like to get this bug squashed as it's pretty annoying :) Apart from that, I must say uTorrent is a great client - keep up the good work!


I should add, when this fault is apparent it affects all dialog boxes within the client, not just the Options->Preferences dialog.

EDIT #2:

After some further testing and playing around, it seems as though I can temporarily fix this fault (dialog labels missing) by opening up either the File->"Add Torrent..." or File->"Add Torrent (no default save)..." dialogs and closing it again. However, once the client is restarted the fault immediately reappears.

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