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One torrent is hidden


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I was adding a torrent to uTorrent and then it hung, so I force-closed it from the Task Manager.  It's usually very stable, so that was unusual.


Anyway, the torrent that I added wasn't in the active list, then when I tried to re-add it, it said it was.  This has happened to me before, so I looked in the 'hidden' tag in the sidemenu and it was there.  There were 2 labels - 'Hidden' and 'No Label'


In an effort to get it to appear in the main list, I right clicked on the torrent file and chose 'add label' and added 'No Label' :)


This appears to have really confused uTorrent :)


Attached is a screenshot.  All sidemenu items show no torrents at all.  My main worry is when it's finished downloading I wont be able to remove it and it will seed for eternity.


Any ideas?





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