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Hi --


I'm a bit new to uTorrent, but I do try to figure stuff out whenever I can.  I have some seeders who are really slow in how much they upload (1-2 KB/s), others that are really fast (250 + KB/s).  When there are lots of seeders I can get astounding download rates (in excess of 2 MB/s).


But, I frequently want to download old torrents with very, very, very few seeders.  Often there are no seeders and I may wait months before someone seeds it.  Sometimes that seeder is one that I can download fast from.  Sometimes that seeder is someone that has a slow rate (less than 20 KB/s), and sometimes that seeder is horribly slow (1-2 KB/s).  


The problem isn't the wait on the download-- I frequently wait months for someone to seed, so a few days here or there in downloading doesn't matter to me.  The problem is that the wait frequently appears to deter the slow and really slow seeders from allowing me to finish my download.  Some of these torrents are pretty big -- 20 GB range.  So a 10 KB/s download takes a while, like 20 days.  


I would like to be able to tell whether the slow download rate I get from those seeders is due to them or me.  When I get a slow seeder on one of those torrents that I have been waiting for, I do everything I can think of to speed it up so that they stay until I get fully downloaded.  I change the bandwidth on that one to high and all the rest of the bandwidths to low.  I'll stop things, make sure my upload setting are maximized (as best I can figure out how to do it).  But, I never know if I am missing something that could improve the speed or whether the slow speed is due solely to them.  


When I get a seeder on one of those that no one has been seeding for months, I usually am willing to do about anything to enhance the speed with which I can download.  If there were a button to where I could send the seeder a dozen roses and have my credit card charged, I'd be clicking on that.   


What I am thinking about is something that will check and see if the settings are optimized for a given seeder.  From reading there appear to be a bunch of different potential issues that can affect speeds:  Ports, port forwarding, encryption, router settings, firewalls, as well as the more typical limits and rations contained in the preferences.  Would there be a way to have something that could check and see whether everything has been done in setting stuff up and making selections/levels to optimize the download speed from a given seeder?  In other words, have it point out whatever the issue is and give you information on how to fix the problem.  


Another way would be to have it automatically configure everything to maximize the downloading from that seeder.  I would be quite willing to have every other torrent, whether uploading or downloading, be paused, my settings changed, and a dozen roses or a bottle of Scotch sent to the seeder.  Or a message requesting they do something to enable me to download faster.  


I try to check all that stuff the best I can.  But, when I get a seeder that I can only download only 1-2 KB/s it just feels like I must be missing something.  Surely no one would have their setting intentionally set to limit their uploading capacity like that.  After all, they are trying to seed stuff, which they don't have to do.  


What I have noticed is that most of the slow download rates come from seeders who use other bit torrent clients.  I previously used a different bit torrent client which was no where near as good as uTorrent-- uTorrent uploads faster than that one downloaded on its best day.   Perhaps that is the issue.  Or perhaps I just don't have everything set correctly.  It would sure be nice to be able to tell what the problem was.  


Thanks for your consideration.

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