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uTorrent slows my pc


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So, ive been using uTorrent for the past few years and in the last weeks ive had crucial issue that led me into deciding to stop using it until I get around the problem...


Basicly if I start downloading a torrent (It usually happens only to movies that need more time to find peers ( not sure tho) - it doesnt happen if i download a tv show episode : only to files bigger than 5gb)

My PC goes extremely slow :

Internet goes slow up to the point it doesnt load at all.

Folders dont respond- they dont open..(It takes about 30+ seconds for em to open)

uTorrent itself doenst respond therefore I cant stop the torrent download so im stuck with slow pc..

even Ctrl alt del takes 2-3 minutes to open the menu and then even afre pickin Task Manager it takes 2 more minutes to open it..

still- Cant force stop uTorretn from taskamanger...


It literally feels as if the whole uTorrent is messing my pc to the point when even restart takes 5-10 minutes when it usually my pc loads for less than 2 minutes which an less than 30 seconds loading after password typing...


So, I guess I need to play with my pc settings or something (I dont think its uTorrent that makes my pc slow- more like the settings im using that dont go well with the download- mb it uses all possible connection or smth), if any1 could help out.

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Same thing has been happening to me as well in the last 1 and a half years. I tried everything suggested by the users of this forum and searched google. Nothing helped. I guess you'll just have to get used to it. I used to be able to seed a lot of torrents. Nowadays I can't even download a torrent larger than 4-5 GB without my PC becoming slow.

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