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was downloading just fine when suddenly 50 kb/s if very lucky?


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Hello, I was downloading stuff just fine earlier and then suddenly it super slow, I cant remember anything specific that happend either just that one day it was really slow, I assumed it was bad seeders but that isnt the case.. I have tried over 30+ highly seeded torrents and if im very lucky I get up to 50 kb/s. I really want these stuffs downloaded aswell so I left the PC on for a couple of days and even tho its super slow some things got up to 100%, but there is 1 more thing aswell. Utorrent is very "laggy", like when its tabbed down and I wanna open it it takes a really long time, and inte very stuttery to operate in. I also get alot of "Utorrent is not responding" stuff.

Any ideas? :(  (I dont know alot of the subject so talking about proxy or something like that could need some explanations).

Oh and also I have tried both wireless and just with the cable, no difference. according to router noone was stealing the internet either , was only my IP adress there. And speedtests show I have 100/10 as I should.

EDIT: Im sorry I posted this and found a solution minutes after but the truth is I had been searching for answers for a long time and I was gonna look around some more when I waited for answers and I stumbled across some tips that fixed it , one of those things were to uncheck "apply rate limit to uTP connections". If anyone else have this problem you could try that , sorry for wasting a thread :/

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