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uTorrent constantly using bandwidth


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Ok so as of late, I noticed that I've been consuming a lot of bandwidth for apparently no reason, so I decided to check up on that.

While uTorrent is open, it always says that something is downloading around 7-10 kbps and uploading around 9-12 kbps. Also, when uTorrent is open, svchost is using approximately the same bandwidth, which means that my internet connection always sends and receives something and i'm losing around 40 kbps, and a couple of GB per day, for absolutely no reason. I wouldn't mind this, if I was actually downloading or seeding something with the software, but it is not the case, because this happens when there are no torrents under the "active" label.

So, what's up? Should I try a different torrent software?


Windows 7 and uTorrent 3.4.2 build 32239


Thank you



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