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Speed increases when watching videos


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I have a 50 mbs cable connection and I had been frustrated for days with the program. When I first began using it it worked well downloading torrents for about 12 hours. The it slowed to a crawl. I unplugged the router and plugged it back in and that would fix it for a short while, then that quick fix stopped working. Then I would end the program restart the computer and restart downloading again. I tried at all hours, nothing appeared to be a real solution.


However, today I was just frustrated and started watching youtube on another computer to kill some time. Almost immediately my download speed shot up. I thought it was just a fluke, so I closed out the browser, and my download speed dropped. I have been playing with this for a few hours now and when I watch videos on another computer on my home network my utorrent download speeds increase. Where I was getting 8-20 kB/s I am now downloading two torents at the same time and both are getting from 600 kB/s to  1 mB/s on each one. Now it isn't constant it fluctuates a little but nothing like before.


I don't understand why this would be happening, is there something at the ISP that gets masked when I download video? I have no idea what would make this happen, does anyone have any ideas so that maybe I can turn this into a permanat fix?


I don't know enough about networking to know. Attached is an image I took real quick.










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