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RSS Feed not updating for Downloader


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Over the last couple months, I have noticed that for some reason, my RSS feed isn't automatically updating and matching tv shows that are linked with the RSS Downloader.


The only way I can seem to get them to download is manually update the RSS feed, which kind of defeats the point. RSS feed updating is set at default of 15 minutes, which shouldn't be a problem.


The only thing I can think of is that I have too many TV Shows setup to download (13). Can anyone confirm that they have 13+ and their RSS Downloader is working? If this is the case, how come we're restricted to 12 tv shows downloading.


I'm using 3.4.2




*UPDATE* Currently rolled back to 3.4.1 Build and will leave to see if picks up new TV shows over next couple of days.

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I tried everything. 

I have the same problem for a few months now.


I have about 8 different rrs feeds added. 

I have over 30 favorite tv shows, added to the downloader. Some are set to download everything from a specific feed, some are set to download specific torrents.


Before, the feeds were updated automatically, and everything was going ok.


A few months ago I noticed, that some episodes are missing. This become a problem more frequently.

Now, I have to manually update my feeds (rightclick-update all feeds) and then if a matching tv show came up, it started downloading.

But I have to do this manually, which is not quite automatic.


The feeds are obviously working, since after uptade they got populated, and they are all working.

I have tried to set a different update interval - no results.

I have tried to revert to a really old version - no results.

I have tried complete uninstall - no results.

I have tried re-format, re install windows - no results.

I have tried using the bittorrent client(basically a 99.99% copy of utorrent) - no results.

Now I have the newest version you can have. 34024


please help

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