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Reverse Alphabetical order in label list, whut?


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So yeah, I don't recall altering any settings prior to this issue.

My labels are in reverse alphabetical order. I dunno what did it. In the sidebar the order is fine. It's from the pulldown menu from the the save torrent dialogue or the menu when right clicking the label area in the list.


As a curious note, the persistent labels are at the top, but them too are in reverse alphabetical order...


This is particularly infuriating because I use a "#To Watch" label especially knowing that # goes first in alphabetical order and now it's all the way at the bottom of my list. (Yeah why use # when there's persistent labels? Persistent labels do not get put at the top of the list on the side and I've used the # trick for other stuff like in file folders and stuff, It's an habbit.)

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I have this same problem.
All of a sudden the labels went reverse alphabetical order.

Quite a hassle as I have quite a lot labels.
Looked into the .dat files with BEncode and not seeing anything quite related to the label list in there..

Anyone with a solution to this?

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What the hell? It fixed itself... It was odd. I was in an other task and Utorrent took focus and came on screen, pulling me out of a full screen application... Didn't think twice of it


But later that night when I used Utorrent, lo and behold my labels are back in the right order...


I sure hope it's gonna stay fixed!

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